Our Landscape Design Philosophy

Designing your landscaping project takes creativity, a lot of listening to the customers’ needs, and the knowledge in materials and how to install them properly to create a landscape that meets your needs and budget. I bring on board an art background in color design and theory and have been in this industry for 40 years. Most customers don’t know how to read a blueprint, and why should they? I have created a way of designing that helps the customer visualize the landscape project.

So before we pull the trigger and start your project, you need to be able to see, touch, and smell the materials that will be part of your landscaping project. I do this for you by drawing on the ground the entire project using marking paints, and by drawing sketches on paper showing you the details of specific parts of the project. Let’s say we are building a pergola, and you need to see how the beams will attach to the posts. No problem. You will see how and why in a drawing. Pathways need to be the proper size and proportion to the size of your yard, and still be able to be wide enough for two people to walk side by side. So let’s paint the pathways on the ground and walk them. Do you have dogs? I know what vets recommend for materials, and also the sizes your dog areas should be for the good health of your dog.

P.S. We are animal lovers. And don’t forget about low voltage lighting, very romantic if done properly. I am always grateful and honored to be trusted with my customer’s hard-earned money. So let’s spend it wisely, and let’s create your paradise, with creative problem solving.

Steve Gerst,
Owner and Landscape Designer

Head to Toe Landscaping, Inc.